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Better Fit Psychology & Consulting, LLC

Danika Maddocks

PhD, Licensed Psychologist, LP6621
Support for gifted and twice-exceptional kids, teens, and families in Minnesota

As a therapist, I collaborate with gifted and twice-exceptional children, teens, and families to understand their strengths and challenges and to nurture their resilience, connection, and well-being. 

As a consultant, speaker, and trainer, I help parents, educators, and other providers support gifted and twice-exceptional kids in new ways. 

As a researcher and writer, I've explored giftedness, twice-exceptionality, assessment, intelligence, and the role of motivation and emotion in education.

Services for Minnesota clients

Special Interests

  • Giftedness and twice exceptionality

  • Gifted autistic and PDA kids and teens

  • Neurodiversity-affirming therapy and parenting approaches

  • Reducing anxiety for children, teens, and parents

  • Working with children and teens who are reluctant to begin therapy

  • Supporting queer, non-binary, gender expansive, and LGBTQ+ youth and families

  • Helping parents feel calmer and more confident

  • Collaborating with teachers and school personnel



If you're a current client, you can access your secure portal here.

If you'd like to schedule a parent consultation meeting, you can do so here.  If you're interested in working together for child or family therapy, please contact me via phone or email to schedule a time to chat, to see if we'd be a good fit.


Please note that I am only licensed to work with clients in Minnesota, and that all of my services are provided virtually.

If you live outside of Minnesota and would like to work with me, you may be interested in my work through The Gifted Learning Lab.


Phone: 612.712.3309

Fax: 612.500.4654


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