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Speaking & Training

I currently offer trainings on giftedness and twice-exceptionality for mental health professionals. In the past, I have supervised psychology graduate students, trained teachers and educational administrators, and taught students from elementary school through graduate school. I have also spoken about psychology and education topics at meetings and conferences across the country and online.

Selected presentations

You can watch my interview with Scott Barry Kaufman about how to identify gifted students with learning disabilities for the webcast series "Critical conversations about cognitive diversity: A monthly webcast featuring the top minds in gifted and 2e education" from Bridges 2e Media & the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development.

Other past presentations include:

  • Supporting gifted and twice-exceptional clients with better-fit interventions

  • Collaborative/therapeutic assessment over telehealth

  • Giftedness and twice-exceptionality in school psychology assessment

  • Which cognitive abilities are important for gifted and twice exceptional achievement?

  • Identifying gifted students with learning disabilities: Comparing controversial criteria 

  • Show and tell: How teachers’ emotional expressions shape student outcomes (with Dionne Indera Cross Francis, Anne Frenzel, Melanie Keller, David Osman, Jamie Taxer, and Paul Schutz)

  • The WISC-V: Changes and current research (with Timothy Keith) 

  • Assessment as intervention: Techniques for collaborative/therapeutic assessment in schools (with Joshua Morris) 

  • Safe schools for all: Sexuality, gender expression, and school bullying (with Annette Cantu)

  • Classroom mindset: The impact of classroom context on student mindset beliefs

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