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Parent Consultation

Do you want to feel more confident supporting your gifted or twice-exceptional kid?

My parent consultation services are specifically designed for parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids and teens. The parent consultation process is highly personalized and tailored to your needs and goals.


Parent consultation is different than therapy - parent consultation is a short-term, targeted service designed to address specific parenting questions, problems, or challenges.  During consultation, I help you clarify your concerns, consider new possibilities, and refine your parenting approach to better fit your particular child. The overall purpose of parent consultation is to improve your confidence parenting your child. 


Read more below to see if consultation could be a good fit for you and your family.

Learn to work with your child's brain

I'll help you understand how your child's giftedness or twice-exceptionality are related to your parenting questions or concerns, and I'll offer strategies and approaches that will help you work with your child's natural strengths while supporting the things that are challenging for them. 

You can learn more about my experience and approach here, and you can learn more about my research background here.  

When is consultation a good fit?

Consultation can help address your parenting questions and concerns. These can be general, such as "Should I be doing something different now that I know my child is twice-exceptional?" or specific, such as "How can we make transitions less stressful?" "What can we do to reduce emotional meltdowns?" or "Should we consider a different school?"


I particularly enjoy helping parents navigate:

  • A recent diagnosis of ADHD, autism, or a learning disability

  • Intensity and big feelings

  • Anxiety and perfectionism

  • Underachievement, low motivation, or dislike of school

  • School concerns, home-school communication, and school advocacy

  • Parenting challenges specific to twice-exceptional kids and teens

  • Questions about whether their child may be twice-exceptional

Parent consultation is also an excellent option if you want more help but aren't sure where to start. During consultation I can offer guidance about which services or changes to prioritize, how to find a good fit for school or therapy, and when additional assessment is warranted.

You'll get the most out of consultation if you:

  • Are ready to learn and try new strategies at home or school. I will offer you specific strategies to try, but we can only refine and personalize the strategies if you're interested in trying them at home to see how they feel.

  • Are curious about your child and different approaches to parenting. Traditional approaches to parenting often don't work for gifted and twice-exceptional kids, so you'll get more out of the consultation process if you're open to less traditional approaches that are tailored to your child's needs.


Parent consultation can be helpful even if you or your child already see a therapist. My parent consultation services add a unique gifted/twice-exceptional perspective that can complement your family's work with other providers. 

Additional resources

During consultation, I will provide appropriate referrals and information if I believe you or your child would benefit from individual therapy or family therapy services.

If you're looking for a more in-depth learning experience or would like to connect with other parents raising gifted/twice-exceptional kids, you might be interested in my group coaching program through my coaching company, The Gifted Learning Lab.  For some parents, this is a better fit than therapy or consultation.  Please note that coaching is not a psychological service such as therapy or consultation, and coaching is not a licensed activity.

Fees and logistics

Consultation services are not covered by insurance. My consultation fee is $250/hour. 


Each consultation meeting is one hour. Records review, report writing, and school consultation are billed at $250/hour in 15-minute increments. Consultation with other therapists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, or other professionals are available at no additional cost.

All parent consultations are conducted via a secure telehealth platform. Parents can share evaluations or other documentation via a secure client portal.

Once you schedule a consultation using the link below, I will send you a detailed questionnaire so I can learn about your child and your goals for consultation before we meet.  If you have questions before scheduling, please contact me - I'd be happy to help!

Please note that consultation services are only available to parents located in Minnesota.  If you'd like to work together but you're not a Minnesota resident, I offer parent coaching for parents located anywhere through my coaching company The Gifted Learning Lab.  Coaching is different than therapy and is not a licensed service.

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